Itai NyamaFor financial reasons ich had to quit school prematurely. I took up several jobs until I met the sculptor Joseph Muzondo, who accepted me as his assistant.

After four years of ’apprenticeship’ I left my teacher and together with other artists I founded an art community. For many years the German collector Heike v. Busekist supported and encouraged me to develop my own distinctive style.

When I was awarded the second prize at the Kristin-Diehl-Sculpture-Competition in 2004 I felt greatly encouraged to refine my style even further. Nowadays I tries to make the impossible possible: to neutralize the gravity of the stone by rendering it as thin as paper.

This is only possible when you respect the stone as living material and when you feel its characteristics with your hands.

My artistic development unfolds and becomes clearer. My style is always apparent. My artistic development unfolds and becomes clearer. My style is always apparent. As the winner of the 1st Prices for Kristin Diehl Sculpture Award 2010, I see this as a confirmation of my "recent journey".

Other information about me and my work can be read in the pages of Heike v. Busekist - 



Defying the force of gravity
I turn the stone back to dust
reversing nature
going with nature
thus making the stone
fly, fold, twist
doing the impossible
translucende -
giving dust back its voice



  • 2004 second Prize of the KD-Sculpture Prize, Harare
  • 2005 Sculptors from Zimbabwe, World Trade Center, Bremen
  • 2006 International Sculptorsymposium, Obernkirchen.
  • 2009 International Sculptorsymposium, Obernkirchen
  • 2009 Mavambo, Ravensburger Spinnerei, Bielefeld
  • 2010 Talking Stones, Baumberger-Sandstein-Museum, Havixbeck
  • 2010 Galerie S. Bernhardt, Wiesbaden
  • 2010 First Prize of the K D- Sculpture Prize,Harare
  • 2011 Stein. Impulse. Kontraste, München