Welcome to my homepage. My name is Itai Nyamadzawo and I' am a sculptor from Zimbabwe.
On the following pages I would like to show you a look insight into my artistic work and to present my ideas for the sculpture.
In my small photogallery I show you an excerpt of my sculptures andI hope you like it.


"I wish to make the impossible possible and fold the stone that has grown for millions of years like paper.
Whilst I’m filing it melts away and floats in the air.” (2006)



Itai Nyama is a very rare talent. He approaches stone like a Zen master removing it from its normal realm of mass, weight and gravity into one of wafer thinness, air and lightness. The chances of losing a piece in the process are very high but this is the very excitement that Nyama derives from the medium. It is a marvel watching a large piece of stone planes gracefully revolving in the wind and to hear the almost metallic sound...  This writer would talk of the stoniness of stone.

Tapfuma Gutsa