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    1. Industry News

      Video surveillance system solutions for transmission continuity in grid-covered areas


      Video monitoring systems for power transmission lines, hydrological and water monitoring systems, highway monitoring systems, forest fire monitoring systems and field mines, border guard stations, etc. in areas covered by the power grid require low-cost, highly reliable independent power supply systems. These areas are often rich in wind and solar energy resources. The wind and light common storage monitoring system can effectively support 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, providing a constant source of energy for video surveillance.

      The wind-solar co-storage monitoring system mainly consists of a small wind turbine, solar panel, integrated controller circuit, frequency inverter, energy storage battery pack, electric winding and support bracket and auxiliary parts to form an integrated power generation system. Wind power is generated at night and on rainy days when there is no sunlight, while solar power is generated on sunny days. In the case of both wind and sun, both of them work at the same time, realising the function of all-weather power generation, which is more economical, scientific and practical than solar power generation system alone. Wind and solar power supply has the following advantages over wind power or photovoltaic power generation alone.

      The use of wind and solar energy complementarity, can obtain a relatively stable output, the system has a soft high stability and reliability: to ensure the same power supply under the letter, can be greatly reduced storage battery capacity: through a reasonable design and four with, can be basically by the scenery common storage power supply system power supply, little or basically do not need to start the backup power such as diesel generator set, can obtain better social and economic benefits This can achieve good social and economic benefits.

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