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    1. Industry News

      Wind and solar complementary power supply system operation problems and solutions


      1、The line false connection problem

      2, the performance is: circuit does not work, the voltage is small, the voltage is unstable, due to voltage and current instability, resulting in line damage.

      3, the solution: tug the line by hand, looking for loose spots, the loose spots on the copper line oxidation part with a knife scraped after reconnecting the line, and all the road are tightened once, use a multimeter to measure the on-off, test components, loads and lines are normal, maintenance and replacement.

      4、Battery power loss problem

      Performance: the voltage is low, or the voltage is lower than the controller start range. Battery loss for a long time, resulting in battery over discharge affect the service life of serious battery damage can not be used.

      Solution: The battery is directly connected to the component for charging, check whether the battery charging current is normal, I disconnected urine is damaged and loss of power. Charging current is normal, after charging for a period of time, disconnect the component from the battery and measure the battery voltage to determine whether the battery and charging method is normal and effective. And let the battery stand for 10 minutes under static, and then measure the voltage, check the voltage change, the voltage after charging slightly do lower, as normal. Charge the battery to the normal voltage range level, restore the line and use the power supply normally.

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