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    1. Industry News

      Energy saving and emission reduction is a task that must be promoted and achieved on an ongoing basis


      Overview: Energy is a key topic around the world, with urban construction in the energy crisis and ring wall pollution problems are increasingly serious impact on our lives, 2021 combined with the implementation of China's implementation of carbon neutral and ambitious goals and large ring under the training, energy saving and emission reduction is a task that must be sustained to promote and achieve. To dry wind energy, solar energy is a natural green resources, also belong to dry non-polluting, non-radiation, renewable energy two board, with the industrial technology beyond the continuous upgrading, combined with the construction of large cities to develop demand space launched wind and wind complementary power generation system with sustainable, stable, safe, sustainable use of characteristics, wind energy, solar energy natural resources integration cycle, power generation system nowadays has reached efficient energy conversion, construction Deployment is simple, can cycle sustainable effect, realize the scenery complementary power generation system multi-industry application implementation, the new energy industry is also a social concern, with good ahead of the development prospect space.

      System principle:The wind and landscape complementary power generation system is a set of renewable energy generation application program, the system is the use of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cell arrays, small wind turbines (AC power into DC power) will produce the electrical energy stored in the battery bank, when the user needs electricity, through the optimization of circuit control and power management, to achieve the frequency inverter DC-AC / power equipment DC-DC, will The process of converting the electrical energy in the battery bank eventually leads to supporting the demand for electrical loads.

      Application solutions.

      Most areas where it is difficult to build a power grid equipped with transmission lines, such as forests, highways, sea defence and border guards, mines, water engineering stations, etc., need a stable new, reliable and low cost power supply system to support the supply, but these areas have low grid line coverage. The remote geographical environment adds great difficulty to the construction and deployment; in order to solve the problem of power supply, wind and solar power generation systems have emerged from the outdoor environment to solve the problem through the extremely rich solar and wind energy resources, which are widely used in the transmission line video monitoring, hydrological and water quality monitoring industry, highway safety video monitoring field, forest fire safety monitoring applications and The wind and solar power generation system is characterised by low investment cost, high stability, IOT remote control, digital power management, reliable security and simple independent deployment.

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