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    1. Industry News

      The principle of that wind and solar street light


      We can see solar wind and solar complementary street lights in the streets and lanes, that wind and solar complementary solar street lights principle of the big guys grasp it.

      Wind and solar power generation solar street light is a wind and solar energy conversion into electromagnetic energy equipment, without pulling cable lines from the power grid with electricity, can be applied alone. The principle of wind-solar complementary power generation road lights is the use of blowing wind and solar power generation as kinetic energy from, impeller digestion and absorption of wind kinetic energy, promote the wind generator rotation, the wind changes into electromagnetic energy, through the control board rectifier, voltage regulator tube efficacy, the AC current into DC power, to the battery pack battery charging and storage of electromagnetic energy; solar power generation solar panels using photovoltaic effect will be solar power Immediate conversion to DC power for load application or storage in the battery reserve.

      The kinetic energy orientation is like that: divided into day and night

      ① During the day, when there is a cool breeze and the sun is shining, the wind generator and the solar panel are working at the same time, and the electromagnetic energy emitted by both of them is inverted by the rectifier of the control board, which changes the working voltage into the rated current of the battery charge.

      If there is only wind in the daytime, no sun, then only wind power generation equipment according to the control board to the battery power supply system; if there is no wind in the daytime, only the sun, then only solar power solar panels according to the control board to the battery power supply system; if there is neither wind nor sun in the daytime, then such conditions use the remaining power of the previous battery to the lighting fixtures power supply system.

      At night, the lighting system is either powered by the wind generator or by the battery.

      The above conditions, no matter which, need to ensure 6-12 hours / day lighting fixtures, extreme cloudy and rainy days continue to work in the 3-7 days of the design program provisions.

      The key components of the solar wind and solar complementary street light are: solar power solar panels, wind generators,: lighting fixtures, wind and solar complementary power control panels, maintenance-free batteries and other components, as detailed below:

      Wind energy generator: The wind energy generator is a device that converts the wind of course into electromagnetic energy and sends the electromagnetic energy to the battery for storage according to the control panel, which works in conjunction with the solar power solar panel to give power energy to the road lights.

      Solar panel: Special energy solar panel is a key part of the solar street light, its effect is to convert the sun's radiation source working ability into electromagnetic energy, or sent to the battery to store up.

      Wind and solar complementary power generation control board: the control board is the nerve centre key of all road street lights, a battery charging and discharging control board with excellent characteristics is indispensable. In order to better increase the service life of the battery, it is important to limit its battery charging and discharging standards in many ways to avoid over-battery charging and deep battery charging. In areas with large temperature differences, a standard control board should also have a temperature compensation effect. At the same time solar power control board should both road street light manipulation role, with light control switch, time control role, and should have the evening fully automatic cut control load can, conducive to rainy days to increase the road street light work time.

      Battery: Because of the photovoltaic power generation system software keying kinetic energy is extremely unstable , so generally must be configured battery system software can work in order to better install convenient, the application of 12V, 24V, 36V colloidal solution (Gel) rechargeable battery, the use of a long period of time, more environmental protection.

      Lighting fixtures: the choice of which light source is the scenery complementary solar street light is not long-term to ensure that the key indicator value of the lighting chroma , general lighting fixtures choose bottom pressure led energy-saving lamps, bottom pressure nano lights, led floodlights, LED light source.

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