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    1. Industry News

      Steady rise in China's small wind turbine exports


      As a clean and renewable energy source, the wind energy market has grown rapidly with the development of a global low-carbon economy. China's cumulative installed wind power capacity maintains a leading position in the world wind power market. Wind power can generally be divided into large wind power, medium wind power and small wind power. Small wind power, also known as off-grid wind power, is a stand-alone power supply system that uses a small wind turbine to charge a battery in remote areas where the grid is not accessible, and then converts it into AC power through an inverter to supply power to end-use appliances, generally with a capacity of 100W-10KW. Initially, small wind turbines were used to supply electricity to farmers and herdsmen's homes in projects that brought electricity to the countryside. With the refinement and development of small wind power technology, small wind turbines in China can be used not only on their own, but also in combination with light and electricity to complement each other and are widely used for independent power supply. In recent years, China's small wind power equipment exports have steadily increased, and China's small wind power technology and landscape complementary technology have leapfrogged to the leading position internationally.

      Industry Research Network released the 2022-2028 China small wind power market deep investigation analysis and development prospects research report that, in addition to large-scale wind power plants, off-grid small wind power is also an important direction for the development of China's wind power industry. In order to comprehensively promote economic and social development, some areas where there is still a lack of electricity and residents without electricity have accelerated the pace of small wind power development and increased investment in solving the problem of power supply difficulties for the masses in remote areas, which has strongly promoted the further promotion of small wind power. Small and medium-sized wind power generation has a wide range of applicable climatic conditions, suitable for installation in a wide area and other characteristics. The development of small and medium-sized wind farms eliminates the investment costs of laying cables, excavation and prolonged construction, especially in the vast areas without electricity and in areas such as communications and industrial control, where the market advantages over conventional electricity are obvious. Rapid development is expected to be maintained for a long time to come. With the localisation of wind power equipment in China and the growing maturity of new technologies such as wind and scenery complementary systems, the cost of small wind power generation is expected to fall again and the economic and social benefits will increase. Small wind turbine related equipment manufacturing, small wind power technology research and development, wind power street lighting and other areas have become investment hotspots, the market outlook is promising.

      In recent years, in the development of new energy pace, wind power is the most rapid development, of which the development of small wind power is receiving more and more attention. The National Energy Board pointed out that, for a period of time in the future, the country will no longer be bent on the development of large wind power bases, will also encourage the decentralized development of wind power, small wind power related support policies will be introduced one after another. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, while speeding up the development of 10 million kilowatt wind power base construction, it will actively promote the development of small distributed wind power and strengthen the construction of offshore wind power. Accelerating the development of small distributed wind power projects may become a new opportunity to promote the sustainable development of wind power.

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