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    1. Company News

      New Energy Unmanned Hangar System


      I. Introduction:

      The UAV hangar is the ground infrastructure for realising fully automated UAV operations, and is an important component for realising the functions of automatic UAV storage, automatic charging/changing of batteries, remote communication, data storage and intelligent analysis. Relying on the fully automated function of the automatic hangar, the UAV can take off and land on its own without intervention and change batteries, effectively replacing manual on-site operation of the UAV, improving operational efficiency and completely realising the fully automated operation of the UAV.

      II. Application scope: Widely used in electric power inspection, road inspection, photovoltaic power station, river patrol, urban security, oil pipelines and other operational fields have a wide range of application value, greatly enhancing the productivity of drone air operations.

      III. Product technical characteristics:

      (1) Product deployment

      The automatic machine hangar can work normally in high temperature and cold environment from -20℃ to 50℃. The protection level of the hangar is IP54, with high temperature resistance, rainproof, dustproof, freezeproof and lightning-proof ability. The robust structural design with multi-sensor fusion means that the outdoor deployment of the automatic hangar has a highly reliable anti-theft and early warning capability.

      (2) Autonomous operation capability

      Drones take off, land and store automatically on the automatic hangar, which automatically replaces batteries and interacts with data for the drones without human intervention and operation.

      (3) New energy supply

      As the UAV hangar inspection environment is generally inaccessible to the mains, the UAV take-off inspection needs to consume a large amount of batteries, the cycle of battery charging, is particularly important, our company's innovative introduction of new energy (wind and solar panels) power supply system to charge the external UAV batteries to ensure that the UAV normal power supply needs;

      I. Product style




      II. Product application scenarios

      High voltage line inspectionUrban road patrols

      Large wind farm inspectionsPhotovoltaic plant inspection

      Eco-agricultural patrolsConstruction site inspections

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