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    1. Company News

      New Energy Environmental Monitoring System


      System features:

      No cloth wire 4G intelligent monitoring voice bayonet device in the effective range of the passing people, cars, voice broadcast, flashing lights warning; while the whole process of motion detection video, capture, video preservation; can realize APP real-time monitoring, video playback view; remote shouting, two-way intercom; and the centre of management real-time data synchronization.

      Intelligent monitoring voice chokepoint device can set their own working hours, can remotely control the volume, voice files, song selection function, monitoring set mosquito interference filter, can be outdoor day and night for people, cars, moving objects video surveillance or voice broadcast video surveillance can be selected.

      Real-time environmental factors to monitor the climatic environment of the bayonet: rainfall, wind direction and speed, sunshine, temperature and humidity.

      Functional features

      Five major functions: human body induction, voice annunciation, advertising text propaganda, flashing light warning, real-time monitoring platform.

      Four major advantages: no wire pulling, network cable, high-speed wireless transmission, maintenance-free, simple structure installation.

      Components: ground cage, support bar, solar panel, main chassis, HD camera, strong signal receiving double antenna, human body sensor probe, propaganda billboard, big red flashing light, remote control to select the song and tune, background management platform.

      Working mechanism: Within the effective time set by the timer, when people and vehicles pass through, the voice broadcast is triggered and the big red flashing light warns, while the camera carries out real-time video recording, detects video preservation, captures pictures for local preservation and instantly pops up screen warning.

      Scenario Application

      Forest fire prevention/education/AI face recognition/fire notification, etc.


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