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    1. Wind-solar complementary new energy

      About Yichuan

      Since its establishment in 2012, Yichuan has been upholding the business philosophy of "excellent quality and perfect service", insisting on the road of scientific and technological innovation, independently developing high-performance emergency street lights, wind and solar complementary new energy supply systems, intelligent explosion-proof systems, and intelligent The company has successfully completed the construction of the first intelligent multi-functional pole in Jiangyin City.

      Our business involves industrial and mining roads, petroleum and chemical industry, water conservancy and environmental protection, smart city and other related professional fields. In the future, we will continue to focus on the research and development of product applications, constantly improve the quality, and in the field of smart poles and new energy sources of wind and solar complementary, we will continue to explore, strive for excellence and move forward. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you, developing together and achieving together! Thank you again for your patronage!

    2. 2012

    3. 1000W

      Registered capital
    4. 1500+

      Quality customer base
    5. Company Culture

      Corporate Mission

      Improving energy efficiency, achieving energy freedom, adhering to the path of technological innovation


      Continuously exploring, striving for excellence and moving forward

      Corporate Vision

      Continued focus on product application development and continuous quality improvement

      Core Competence

      A strong R&D technical team

      The industry's best R & D technical team, constantly improving product performance, research and development of upgraded products to meet the changing needs of the market

      A complete and efficient supply system

      Well-established supply chain collaboration processes and mechanisms to quickly coordinate and match supply and demand to create value for customers

      Fast service responsiveness

      7*24 hours tracking response, service network throughout the city core, to provide customers with stable and reliable good service
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