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    1. Operating temperature up to -40°C - 85°C

      Intelligent controller systems

      Form factor industrial grade form factor
      Visual graphical operator interface
      Reliable water resistance

      The result of many years of application experience

      Layered, building block structure for quick customisation to suit the application
      ? Practical different scenarios, -40 to 80°, high IP waterproof rating;
      ? Chinese/English display with rich content, easy operation and recognition;
      ? RS485/232 communication, with communication protocols available to facilitate unified integration management and secondary development by the customer;
      ? Dual MPPT charging design for increased system power generation efficiency;
      ? A variety of safety control methods, which ensure efficient and stable operation of the system;
      ? "Dummy-proof" wiring design, which prevents customer malfunctioning of the equipment;
      ? Dual photovoltaic/battery power supply for greater stability;
      ? Built-in lightning protection module to prevent damage to equipment caused by lightning strikes;

      Ultra-Intelligent Wind and Landscape Complementary Controller

      Our new generation of control equipment for new energy applications is designed on the basis of ultra-high performance controllers, especially for wind turbine power generation and typhoon protection safety aspects have made a qualitative change. The building block structure makes it easy to quickly customise to suit the application.
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