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    1. New energy complementary landscape systems

      The wind and solar complementary power supply system uses the cleanest solar and wind energy in nature, the system completely achieves "zero emission", with day and night complementary, seasonal complementary characteristics, the system is safe, stable and reliable, cost-effective, through scientific and reasonable design, to achieve easy installation, low cost, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, green environmental protection, etc., is a carbon peak, carbon neutral tool.
    2. Constant power
    3. Constant voltage
    4. Constant current
    5. Highly efficient and reliable wind turbines

      1、The traditional folding tail concept of small fans is abandoned and the blade stall and electromagnetic braking mode are adopted to improve product safety and reliability.

      2、Unique blade wing design system. Enables the fan to have a low wind start and a noise level of less than 40 dB at rated wind speed.

      3、The maximum wind energy utilisation factor CpMAX = 0.45 and the blade was analysed for load and fatigue by the finite element analysis software ANSYS.

      4、The back seat yaw system uses a simply supported beam structure, with only positive bending moments in the span, and none of the tensioned prestressing produces additional internal forces in the beam, thus enhancing the turbine's ability to resist storm impacts.

      5、The insulation level of the generator reaches class H, the sealing is good and the protection level is IP65, the power generation efficiency is 10% higher than the national standard and the starting torque is low.

      Normal operation without grid or electricity

      4G mobile phone links everywhere you can get a cellular signal
      No more worries about not having a WIFI network
      No fear of continuous rainy weather, instantly at night
      The battery can also be charged in contact with the wind as long as it is available
      1、Use in a variety of outdoor environments
      2、Mobile computer remote viewing
      3、Two-way voice intercom support

      Intelligent control systems

      ● Intelligent and efficient controller with MPPT control technology, 30% more efficient charging ;

      ● A variety of energy input and output options to meet the power supply needs of a wide range of equipment.

      ● Multiple safety protection, supports overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overtemperature and short-circuit protection.

      ● Patented and innovative modular design for flexible expansion and upgrading.

      ● Full wrap-around fan for heat and protection.

      ● The integrated distribution box is IP55 dustproof and waterproof, effectively adapting to the harsh outdoor environment.

      Colloidal cells for solar energy

      Colloidal lead-acid batteries

      ● High purity 99.996% virgin lead extracted from lead concentrate

      ● 100% deep discharge 2,500 times

      ● -40°C to 60°C range

      ● Design life of 12 years, high capacity and low self-discharge

      Intelligent IOT O&M platform

      Real-time monitoring of power supply and network status; OSD data screen addition.
      Automatic alarm for fault messages;
      Full lifecycle data storage;
      AI-enabled, changing reactive response to predictive maintenance and improving reliability;

      Wide range of applications

      Wide range of applications for a variety of environments, an unobtainable aid to production operations
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